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Benefit Service

We are providing information on benefits services designed to improve the health of Rakuten KENPO members.
Please check the detail from the following link.
Note: Services will be available from about two months after employment begins.


Reissuing of ID and PW / When you lost membership card

  • 【Reissuing of ID and PW】
    Please do necessary procedures from “For those who forgot the password” on Members website’s log in page.

  • 【When you lost membership card】
    Even when you do not have Members ID card with you, some services are available using “Digital (Mobile) member ID”.
    • <How to use>
      Log in to our website (smartphone version) by your smartphone, and click “Mobile member ID button” on the lower part of TOP page.
      ■Smartphone website : http://www.fukuri.jp
      *Mobile member ID is acceptable only for “services usable by showing Members ID”.
      *Mobile member ID may not be displayed depending on the devices.
    • ※About reissuing of Member ID Card (pay)
      In the case of reissuing Member ID Card, please login and apply from "REISSUE ID” button at the bottom part of Member's website top page.
      ("TO ENJOY IT MORE" corner). (Japanese page only).
      •  *The reissuing charge 1,000 yen (including shipping fee) is required.
        *Payment is by credit card only.
        *Member ID Card will be shipped by a simple registered mail within 10 days after confirming and authenticating the card information.


Relo Club
Customer Center
TEL: 0120-982-291
(Hours of service: Weekdays: 10:00-18:00
Sats., Suns., and holidays: 10:00-17:00)
* Excluding New Year’s holidays
* Please check your member ID before making an inquiry.