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Medical care cost information

"Medical care cost information" provides information, including breakdowns of medical care costs when insured persons and dependents receive medical care at insurance medical care facilities or similar facilities.

  • Check the actual medical care costs using your “medical care cost information” and receipts or detailed statements.

Costs of medical care at each insurance medical care facility or similar facility per person and per month are made available on the website based on claims received (Rezepts or medical cost details) that indicate these costs, usually starting toward the end of the month three months after the month of the examination or treatment (generally on the 27th of the month). This information may become available later than this if the insurance medical care facility submits claims for medical care costs later than usual or in other such cases.

Web-based medical care cost information is provided in cooperation with the Kansai Institute of Information Systems (KIIS).
See the link below for details.


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We ask for your cooperation in carefully reviewing your medical care cost information for errors, including claims from hospitals you don't remember visiting, mistakes in numbers of days of medical care provided, or errors in claimed amounts.

In addition, medical care institutions will issue receipts showing medical care costs per item, including charges for the first consultation, checkup charges and treatment charges, as well as detailed statements showing more detailed “medical care information”.

This “medical care cost information” shows information for the entire household. In addition, notices of assessment of decreases in amounts are sent to the insured person through separate procedures.

Patient consent is required to release these documents. However, note that in the absence of indication otherwise, patient consent is assumed to be the case. Please contact the Health Insurance Society if you do not consent to the release of these documents.